Welcome to My Blog!

Over the course of 14 years working as a Practice Coordinator for a NYC dental office, I have found that the key to a successful practice is tied to its IMAGE. Thus, in order for any business to thrive and reach its full potential, there should be a focus on the development of the vital components of its image as a whole.

These are the company’s mind (leader), body (appearance), and soul (team).

There is a special formula that creates a business able to withstand the test of time and the demands of its customers and I believe that it all stems from great leadership. It is my belief that if we take out the time to invest in our personal development, digging deep to understand our WHY, that we will have the power to accomplish the unimaginable.

My mission with this blog is to help others evolve their image so that they can lead effectively and courageously. Because how you speak, what you say, and the way you look are critical to your image, having the right tools in place will empower you on your personal development journey so that you can create the life you’re proud of.