Activate Your Leadership Potential w/ These 3 Activities

Anyone who knows me, knows that I listen to a ton of podcasts and audio books plus read anything and everything related to personal development and growth. What I noticed is that there‚Äôs a common theme amongst my favorite thought leaders and the thread that connects them is that they all have developed habits that… Continue reading Activate Your Leadership Potential w/ These 3 Activities

Questions to Help Find Your Calling

In my previous post, I wrote about the difference between a career and a calling. In part two, I follow up with a list of questions that will propel you to navigate the rough terrains of your subconsciousness to get you some answers. Answers that will hopefully sharpen your awareness and bring you clarity about… Continue reading Questions to Help Find Your Calling

3 Essentials Skills for Effective Communication

Although there are many different styles of leadership, one trait they share in common amongst the leaders in each group is the skill to communicate effectively. If you desire to be a great leader and make an impact, learning how to master the art of communication should be on top of your priorities. Below, I… Continue reading 3 Essentials Skills for Effective Communication