Questions to Help Find Your Calling

In my previous post, I wrote about the difference between a career and a calling. In part two, I follow up with a list of questions that will propel you to navigate the rough terrains of your subconsciousness to get you some answers. Answers that will hopefully sharpen your awareness and bring you clarity about… Continue reading Questions to Help Find Your Calling

Knowing the Difference Between a Career and a Calling

Some wake up to an alarm. Some wake up to a calling. -UnknownJohn C. Maxwell, Leader Shift I just finished John Maxwell’s audiobook Leader Shift and felt compelled to share the insights that I gained, specifically from the last chapter where he explains the difference between a career and a calling and the shift that… Continue reading Knowing the Difference Between a Career and a Calling

3 Essentials Skills for Effective Communication

Although there are many different styles of leadership, one trait they share in common amongst the leaders in each group is the skill to communicate effectively. If you desire to be a great leader and make an impact, learning how to master the art of communication should be on top of your priorities. Below, I… Continue reading 3 Essentials Skills for Effective Communication

Five Guiding Principles of Great Leadership

Over the 14 years that I’ve worked as an office manager, I have had many different type of experiences and accounts that have presented me with valuable insights about what it takes to run a successful practice. And by successful, I do not mean increased practice revenue (although, in my case, it’s been proven that there's been a positive correlation… Continue reading Five Guiding Principles of Great Leadership

Evolve the Leader within by Embracing the "Infinite Mindset"

There exists an inherent domino effect of influence within any organization and/or practice, that which stems from the manager who may wield their influence in such a way that can either help a business grow or lead to its demise. Thus, leadership is an essential component of a thriving business and a great leader will… Continue reading Evolve the Leader within by Embracing the "Infinite Mindset"