I believe that things happen for a reason and that every “coincidence” is a reminder that someone other than us is running the show.

Anytime I experience a coincidence in my life, I stop to listen and give thanks. I see the phenomenon as an invitation to explore the unknown and an opportunity for growth.

At one point of my life, doing it all by myself was the goal. Now that I have and I see I’m capable, I wanna share my successes and failures with others

First, practice getting nice and comfy with being selfish. And not in a mean, asshole kind of way where you’re inconsiderate of others’ feelings. Do it in self-loving/caring/healing type of way where others are uplifted by the positive energy you give off as a result

Second, practice receiving the love you deserve and need to be able to grow. Accept compliments and nice gestures from others for what they are: affirmations of your strengths and abilities!

Third, get your hands on books that will empower and support you on your personal evolution. Checkout my library for some awesome recommendations!

I love when I’m in the company of like-minded individuals. When the conversations are so seamless and effortless that it feels like we can talk for days. I relish every moment; as long as the company I get is complimentary to my soul.

I also found being alone extremely rewarding, as there was a time I would avoid it, uncomfortable with what I could discover. Now I can’t get enough. It is during this time that I can get quiet enough to rummage through all that I’ve collected from my time with others. It’s when I hear my voice the loudest.

It’s so important to be comfortable with who you are; to know your core values and what drives you. Getting to know yourself, especially your shadow is a grueling, never ending process. It’s not supposed to be easy but if you spend time alone and work on tuning that frequency so you connect to YOU. It’s where the leader lies … within.

Our gift from the universe is that it allows us a reset every single morning when we wake up. Setting an intention for the day (and sticking to it) can really make a difference in your confidence. When you take out the time to love yourself, your mind and body take notice.

Always start small. Baby steps will bring you LARGE results (a notion I constantly have to remind myself off). Something minor such as smiling at a stranger, holding the door for someone, or giving your coworker a compliment will activate your system and you’ll be feeling the rush of dopamine in no time.

The point is to build a habit around mindfulness and doing things that matter to YOU.

I have worked in the dental service industry for over 10 years and one thing I’ve learned as a Practice Coordinator is that first impressions MATTER.

As a culture, we invest an exorbitant amount of time and thousand of dollars perfecting our image so we can make an everlasting impression on the ones we cross paths with. In the professional world where services are rendered, I strongly believe that the same concept applies and can either make or break your business.

Which is why the customer’s (or in my case, the patient’s) experience is EVERYTHING. Pay attention to the details of care and focus on building relationships. It WILL make a difference.

Check out my blog post here for more content on the subject!

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